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Community Service
Community service is a form of our obligation as an outcome of our line of business of choice; ecotourism. The goal of this program is to conserve the natural environment and improve local people on our activities site. 

We realize in order to give more positive impact to the environment and community it is better to work with others, compared to work alone. Therefore, we are very pleased if you want us to organize or cooperate in similar activity. May God bless all of our positive effort.

Here are some of our community service programs in cooperation with several partners:

PNM- Mass Circumsision in Seribu Island, June 2008

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Ligula and Permodalan Nasional Madani held a mass circumsision in Pramuka Island on June 2008. This event is held as part of community service for the local people in Pramuka Island.


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Tourism Potential Assessment Jambianom - Lombok May-June 2008

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Ligula’s trip to Lombok in June 2008 was such an amazing and fun trip. We spent 10 days in a village named Jambi Anom. Our purpose there was part of our community service, we work together with a sponsor who has started the service since 2007. we were so amazed with the beautiful view of the village when we stepped on our feet there.. O my God..such a beautiful place


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Training for 133 Junior High, Pramuka Island December 2008

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LIGULA, together with Indonesian Coral Reef Foundation and Center for Marine Studies Universitas Indonesia sponsored by International Ocean Intitute held training for 133 Junior High School of Pramuka Island students. These students have a little chance to gain knowledge outside formal education, the main obstacle is their distance from mainland Jakarta. Therefore, this training was viewed to be important to give them knowledge about coastal ecosystem, the very ecosystem that surrounds them in life.


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