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Your school needs a competent partner to organize outdoor activities? The answer is no other than LIGULA. Five years of experience working with IB and CIE Curriculum applied by International and National Schools in Jakarta, we offer the best arrangement for your school's outdoor activities and thus you can achieve objectives on your school curriculum. Here are the list of some of our product for your school. Product price starts from IDR 200.000.


1. Excursion study

This is our best-seller program. In this program, your students will learn hands-on experience about biodiversity and conservation. They will observe, collect, analyze and draw conclusion based on their data. By being set up in the field, they will gain many experiences such as; how to adapt to change, interact with local people, be apart of conservation act and many more.



2. CAS Time

Need new ideas for your CAS hour? LIGULA has loads of interesting ideas. LIGULA will assist you step by step from planning, application in field to result evaluation.


3. Freshwater Quality Study

A program specifically designed to facilitate students evaluating water quality in a freshwater ecosystem. In this program students will be guided to obtain abiotic and biotic measurements and conduct a simple analysis in order to conclude the water quality.


4. Science themed outbound

A unique outbound program, because we combine every activity with a simple application of science.  All of this makes this outbound more interesting as well as challenging and teasing your brain.


5. Wildlife observation

A program that will entice students to observe wildlife in their habitat. This program will use a simple method of observation. It will broaden their knowledge and cause them to give more appreciation to nature.

6. Program on Demand
LIGULA is open to design a unique program based on your school demand. We will facilitate you to achieve your curriculum's objectives, start from planning until implementing in the field.
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