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Want to feel confident snorkeling in the open sea? Yearn for enjoying nature’s beauty with friends or family? Looking for a relaxation in nature but you have a tight schedule? LIGULA is the answer. We offer you a wide range of products to satisfy your need to relax in nature. Sign up to our packages. Below are some of our products designed for you. Package price starts from IDR 75.000*

* Minimum for 4 people


1. Snorkelling Class

Snorkelling simulation in swimming pool. The participants will be introduced to the equipments they will use in snorkling activity, snorkelling techniques, tips and tricks in snorkelling comfortably and safely. After doing this program, participants will feel more comfortable in water and more confident when they are snorkelling in open sea



2.  Regular ecotourism package

This programme lasts for 2 or 3 days. In this program participants can enjoy the beauty of the sea through snorkelling activity, observing the sea turtle closely, visiting milkfish aqua culture, blending with the local people, enjoying the sunset from the beach and other interesting activities. By joining this program, it will refresh your mind and pump up the spirit to get back to work



3. One day ecotourism package

This program is a short version of regular ecotourism prgram because it’s shorther (one day). It is suitable for busy people who want to release stress (take a break) in the nature



4. Marine for children

This program is meant for parents who want to introduce the beauty of the sea to their children and raise their environmental awareness. This program is made with an exciting format (games, storytelling, drama, etc) so the children wont be bored. Dont worry about their safety and comfort during this program because they will be accompanied by professional mentors who recognize their need in this activity



5. Family vacation

Take advantage of this program strengthen your family bond. Create one of a kind memory that will become an everlasting unique story.



6. Let's go fishing

Bored fishing in ponds or rivers? Let’s fish in the sea. This package is for people who addicted to fishing. Feel the different sensation when the fish nip your bait



7.  Sea camp

In need of a new challenge? Join this program. Your city life will be broken into pieces. Dare to try?



8. Coral monitoring

This program will prove that even non scientist can have big role in coral reefs conservation of the world. In this program, participant will be introduced to a simple method in monitoring the coral, the meaning of the data and also easy tips to conserve the coral reef



9.  Regular trekking package

Enjoy the mountainous fresh air; tranquil and serene. In this program participant will explore the forest, cross the river and observe the wildlife in their habitat. Participants also will be introduces to some edible forest fruit known for its medicinal properties. This program lasts for 2 or 3 days.



10. One day trekking package

A shorter version of the previous package. Lasts for one day and suitable for people who have a tight schedule, but still keen to feel the fresh breeze and the green scenery of the mountains.

11. Program on Demand
LIGULA is open to design a unique program based on your liking. We will organize everything, so you can sit down and enjoy your time.
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