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Excursion Study, Global Jaya International School, April - May, 2013

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LIGULA once again was trusted to organize a Biology and Environmental Systems and Society (ESS) field trip for Global Jaya International School (GJIS). This year was the largest group from GJIS so far, in order to provide better service the field trip was divided into three batches. The first batch went from 28th – 30th April, second batch went from 2nd – 4th May and the third batch went from 5th-7th May.

The arrangements for the field trip proved to be perfect, the learning process was done effectively, every participant enjoyed their time during the trip, and most importantly the safety of every participant could be guarded closely.

During the three days, the students were divided into small groups where they worked closely with a mentor from LIGULA. They observed mangroves, sea turtle, sea grass and coral reef. They also learned how to collect data from those ecosystems and also how to analyze the data that have been collected using the appropriate method.

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