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Program On Demand, Sekolah Pelita Harapan - Sentul City, January-February 2013

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For the second time, LIGULA was trusted to arrange a field trip for grade 6 students of Sekolah Pelita Harapan – Sentul City. The focus of the activity was the same as last year’s which are colonialism and energy. The school chose Malabar, Pangalengan as the location for the activity.

For three days and two nights the students stayed in Pangalengan, experienced the cool weather of South of Bandung. At those times, they visited a Plengan hydroelectric power plant which is one of the the eldest power plant that have been operating since 1923 and still running until now. The power plant utilizes water that came from Lake Cileunca, which took about half an hour ride from the power plant. At Lake Cileunca-which was a man-made lake- the students can observe a unique dam structure  local people call it dam pulo or island dam, it was because the dam is located near the center of the lake, just like an island. The dam supplied water to Plengan hydroelectric power plant through underground water pipes.

The students visited Malabar tea plantation that was once managed by Bosscha, he was known for his contribution in the making of Bosscha Observatory in Bandung. Within the plantation the students can also observe Bosscha’s Mausoleum. They also visited Rumah Hitam (The Black House), which was the housing meant for tea plantation workers built in the year 1896 . There were many black houses built back then, but now only one left.

The last place the student visited was Cikondang traditional village. In this village they were able to get the information concerning the traditional views, culture and even old legends from Abah Ilin (one of the village elders). Beside serious learning process, the students also had their share of fun by playing  a series of games provided by LIGULA. Everybody enjoyed their time while in Malabar.

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