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Excursion Study. International Class of SMAN 8, April 2011

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On 20th-23rd of April 2011 LIGULA held an excursion trip for grade XI students of International Class of SMAN 8 Jakarta at Situgunung, Cisaat, Sukabumi. What made situgunung interesting is because it is located within Gunung Halimun Salak National Park and also it has a variety of ecosystem that could be explored. For this occasion, two main ecosystem will be studied; freshwater and forest ecosystem.

In freshwater ecosystem the students learned how to deduce a quality of a certain freshwater bodies using abiotic and biotic measurements. They also learnt to do a simple microbiological analysis of the water sample to test the presence of colliform bacteria in the water. Two main locations in Situgunung is used a a sampling source, Curug Sawer waterfall and Situgunung lake.

Besides that, the students also learnt to count the diversity of plants in certain area in several locations within Situgunung forest. They learnt how to use a dichotomous key to identify the plants from the identification book that we have provided. Despite the rain that kept pouring on every noon for the first two days, the students always showed a high enthusiasm in every activity that they participated.

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